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My Story Channel

Join me each week for a new story. I read from my short adventures of Wally and Jeffery, the naughty orphans  from Snod Hill.

Wally and Jeffery

Wally and Jeffery Bonehead are orphans. They live at Snod Hill Orphanage for Waif and Strays, presided over by Mrs Slimebottom, the matron. These are their adventures. I perform both characters and intercut rapidly between the two

In this episode, Mrs Slimebottom is not very well and has taken to her bed. Wally and Jeffery are tasked with making her a hot lemon and hot drink.

Check out the rest of the videos on Youtube. Coming soon, I shall publish the first of the Wally and Jeffery Books - Escape from Snod Hill.

The Ghost Detective

Twelve year old Simon Pickle is having 'Experience of Work' week and has been assigned to Brampton police station to glean what becoming a policeman is all about. Mr Jackson takes him under his wing.

What he doesn't know is that Mr Jackson, the mysterious man in the beige suit, is employed in a secret paranormal department of the police station and is responsible for 'arresting' ghosts of murderers from the past who have returned to kill again.

Splidge The Cragflinger

The official book trailer for the first book. It sets the scene for the initial adventure that young Splidge is required to carry out.  I hope it whets your appetite to find out more.

I describe the idea of the plot and characters for the first book and explain what the Royal Tournament is as well as introducing the  Guddian sport of Cragflinging.

The second book is given a rough explanation without giving too much away. Splidge sets off on a dangerous mission and encounters many hardships on his next adventure.