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Escape From Snod Hill

cover1-ebookThis is the adventures of three orphan children who build their own car to visit the seaside in Dorset for a holiday of a life time.

Wally and Jeffery were dumped at the Snod Hill orphanage for waifs and strays when they were babies. Ten years later they are allowed to have a holiday at the seaside, but owing to their stupidity they miss the bus. They have to resort of other means to get to Lyme Regis, their chosen destination. Teaming up with another orphan, Deidrie Dimple, they build themselves a home-made car from an old lawn mower engine and scraps they find.

The long journey is fraught with problems, not helped by Mrs Slimebottom, the orphanage matron, who is hell bent on finding the children and punishing them. The three ragamuffins encounter a crazed farmer,  an ancient barge owner on the river Severn and more dangerously, a gang of jewel thieves who are determined to end the children's lives.

Will they ever reach their seaside holiday?

The Ghost Detective

gdEveryone knew what ghosts looked like, didn’t they? But, then Simon had always imagined ghosts as transparent ‘things’ floating above the ground. They dressed in medieval clothes and were knights or soldiers or things like that. Sometimes they appeared as spooky women dressed in grey or black. Of course, he had never actually seen one.

The man in the beige suit folded his arms, his face quite serious. “I know it sounds crazy, and I don’t expect you to believe me, but the man who murdered Mrs Durand-Deacon in 1949 was known as the Acid Bath Murder. Although he was hanged for the murder back then, I think he has come back to murder again!”

Splidge the Cragflinger - Book 1: The Royal Tournament.

mid-sized-cover1Splidge, a boy of twelve, needs a job urgently. If he cannot find work he’ll be sent to the dreaded workhouse. Luckily, the King has a vacancy ... The Royal Tournament takes place every six years. It is a grand event and this year King Guddamac is relying on it to save his Kingdom from rack and ruin. The previous Royal Cragflinger died and without one the competition cannot take place. However, someone has plans to scupper the Tournament with a scheme that will change the land of Gud forever.

This is the first book in a series. The classification is children’s historical fantasy and is aimed at the 9-12 age groups, available on Amazon, iBooks, Barns and Noble, Kobo and other on-line retailers.

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Splidge the Cragflinger - Book 2: The Purple Death.

mid-sized-cover2Why are people dying in the city of Gud? What is wrong with the water supply? Who is storing wooden crates in mysterious huts? And how will an old journal place the population at risk?

In Splidge's second adventure, he and his friends, Doreen, Snotty and the Crag, set out to find the lost Royal Army. Their exploits take them into the uncharted regions where Cragflinger meets Crogflogger. They discover secrets of underground tunnels, ancient mines and the peculiar properties of turtle dung.

But far more important, Splidge learns the truth of the Purple Death and the importance of stopping it before there are no people left.

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