I have done a lot of strange things in my life

vobes-sevensistersI love dreaming up stories and peppering them with interesting characters. Until recently, most of my writing has been plays and television scripts, but I also used to work as an entertainer, lying on a bed of nails, eating fire and walking on broken glass. I have performed all over Britain, balancing on stilts, performing mime and robotics as well as other circus skills and crazy stunts. One of the things I amazed my audience with was juggling five balls and at the same time balancing on a giant walking globe!

In the mid 1990s, I wrote and starred in a ITV children's television programme called Snug and Cozi; the adventures of two of the most crazy spacemen in the known universe. It was a slapstick comedy, which I hope to one day bring out as a book version, so watch this space! As well as writing "Splidge", I also make history documentaries. These are shown on the Community Channel, a digital TV station on Freeview and Sky. The filming has taken me around England and I investigate all sorts of subjects, including the Smugglers of the Romney Marshes in Kent to the notorious Shropshire highway man, Humphrey Kynaston, and even a lost canal, which enthusiasts are trying to save and put back into water.